Sunday, November 14, 2010

part 1: home sweet home

WE ARE BACK ... again! and this time i actually have photos! due to laziness of not updating our blog, you are now seeing what should have been ten posts put into ONE! a few summer trips, a good friends wedding, and home remodeling project! we have had a crazy couple of months, but we have for the most part enjoyed every minute!

one year after the passing of my mom, my family chose to have her ashes spread in the ocean near Balboa Island where we grew up going as kids. it was the most amazing and spiritual experience. we spent a week relaxing at the beach and spending time outside of our typical crazy lives! it was SO fun!

the one (and only) yankee fan in our family

ms. sassy

the whole fam

the newleyweds ... paul and suzanna!
our good friends got married this summer in Wyoming, we took a couple extra days and drove through Jackson, Yellowstone and Island Park. GORGEOUS!

i loved how her hair turned out, it only took me over an HOUR to perfect this masterpiece.

Old Faithful

the only way i can enjoy the outdoors with my husband ... tanning in the boat while he fishes!

here are the before pics of our house and below those are the after pics! i had no clue how to post each rooms before and after shots next to each other, so let your imagination run wild! hopefully you can piece each pictures before and afters!

extra bedroom #1 before

master bedroom before

guest bathroom before
office before

laundry room before

basement family room before
basement bathroom before

hallway before

kitchen before

main family room before

office after

extra bedroom #1 after (no baby on the way, just a room for the nieces to have sleepovers)

master bathroom after

master bedroom after

best invention ... take your favorite scrapbook paper and frame it! super cheap.

guest bathroom after

main family room after

more family room after

and more family room after

and more ......

kitchen after (everyone should vote: i want to paint the cabinets ... tad refuses to let me)
other end of kitchen

basement bathroom after

laundry room after ... still a work in progress

and the basement ... do you think my husband has enough s*@t? I DO. if there is anything in these next few photos you would like to own ... its ALL for sale!

more crap.

the mirror that has been sitting in the kitchen just waiting to be hung. i love my husband but he is not the most handy, but he is learning how to be!

i hope you enjoyed my novel of pictures! our house is so fun but still needs work, i feel liked we have worked on it since we moved in and we haven't even touched the basement. if only money grew on trees .... i'd probably be living in Hawaii on the beach.


the taylors said...

your house is beautiful!!!

Jason and Stefanie Burt said...

Looks so awesome!! I need to be a good friend and come see it in real life!! Jameson loves his room that you have set up :)

Kim said...

Love it, it all looks great!! Thanks for posting the pictures. We can't wait to see you after Christmas!!